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Summer's Hot, But Homeowners Don't Have To Feel It

Beat the Heat With Air Conditioner Maintenance and AC Replacement

Indoor AC is a crucial part of summer. Without it, many more people would be at risk of health conditions that could worsen existing conditions. Also, who wants to sleep in 80 degrees or a hotter house? No one. So, professionals have gathered all the information homeowners need to keep their homes cool all summer. The secret is mainly to stick with a strict maintenance schedule, but there’s more information below on how and why to do that! That’s not the only thing, though. There are even habits that homeowners can pick up to help them save money on energy costs this summer rather than lose money! Homeowners really can’t beat it. This is their answer if they’ve been looking to save money without suffering through the heat. 

Read below to learn all the tips and tricks professionals want homeowners to know this summer. 

What Does Proper AC Maintenance Mean?

acProper AC maintenance is calling a professional and having a routine check-up for the entire HVAC system twice a year. There are two things here that are crucial to remember:

  • Having maintenance done twice a year
  • Calling a professional to do the job right 

As long as the homeowner remembers these two things, their system will be fine. However, there is one more vital tip that professionals want homeowners to know, and it has to do with the air filter. Sure, professionals can and will replace the air filter during maintenance checks, but homeowners should do it on their own time. The air filter needs to be replaced at least four times a year if furry animals are in the home. 

This type of maintenance care for the AC will ensure it repays the homeowner with things like: 

  • Lower monthly bill costs
  • Fewer repairs
  • Cleaner air
  • A long-lasting system

Invest in AC 

Aside from maintenance, it is also important that homeowners can spot when it’s time to get a new AC. Sure, professionals will let homeowners know when it’s almost time for a replacement, but if the homeowner can spot it themselves, they can start saving for the big investment sooner. Investing in a high-quality AC will ensure it works all summer long and keeps the family happy and healthy. It will also present fewer problems or surprises the homeowner has to deal with. 

Here are a few signs to look for:

  • A noisy AC
  • An AC that runs constantly but still doesn’t cool the home
  • The AC doesn’t turn on at all
  • A home with cool and warm spots

The Ceiling Fan Can Circulate Cool Air Too!

fanOne last tip for staying cool and simultaneously saving money this summer is to utilize the ceiling fans throughout the home. Having the fans on all summer won’t add to the energy costs as some might think. Rather, it will help keep energy costs down, reduce the unit from overuse, and keep the house sufficiently cool all summer. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Homeowners will want to keep the AC running
  • Turn on the ceiling fans
  • Ceiling fan direction is important: 
    • During the summer: 
      • The fans should spin counterclockwise to create a downdraft
    • During the winter: 
      • The fans should spin clockwise 

That’s it! Keep the fan blades clean and running counterclockwise all summer for cool, clean air. 

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