Professional Furnace Installation in Niles

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Whether you’re building a new home or your existing furnace is on its last legs, we’re here to help with the highest-quality furnace installation services in Niles, MI. At AirLux Heating & Cooling, we work with the industry’s best brands, such as Amana, Honeywell, Daikin, Fujitsu, York, and Guardian to deliver heating solutions that stand the test of time.

Every furnace we install comes with a three-year labor warranty on top of the often lengthy manufacturer’s warranty, offering you the ultimate peace of mind. We also pride ourselves on white-glove service and leave no mess behind. Get in touch with our team today for a consultation.

Need an air conditioner too? We’re a full-service HVAC company and offer AC installation services as well.

Choosing The Right Furnace For Your Home

While if you are replacing your furnace, it's usually more cost-effective to keep the same fuel type, if you're building a new home, one of your first decisions needs to be what fuel source you'd like to use:

  • Electric: Electric furnaces generally cost less to purchase and install than gas furnaces, but they cost more to run. As they don’t rely on combustion, they pose fewer safety risks, and they work well in small spaces.
  • Natural gas: Natural gas is the most efficient furnace fuel type but the costliest to install, especially if there isn't a gas line to your home already. Gas furnaces also generate heat faster than electric furnaces but come with added safety risks, such as carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Oil: Oil furnaces are typically only found in off-grid homes as they require regular heating oil deliveries and storage tanks. Outside of the hassle of fuel fill-ups, they can be a more fuel-efficient alternative to electric furnaces.

Your floor plan and square footage are also a consideration when choosing a furnace. Our friendly furnace contractors are happy to help you make an informed decision.

Does Your Furnace Need To Be Replaced?

If you find yourself searching for a furnace replacement company, you likely already suspect your furnace needs replaced. Most furnaces have a useful life between 10-15 years, but you may begin to see signs its time to replace your system before that, including:

  • Loss of efficiency or higher than usual utility bills.
  • The need for more frequent repairs.
  • Major component failure.
  • Noisy operation even after repairs.

Curious if your existing furnace may be salvageable? We also off top-tier furnace repair and will complete a full inspection to help you decide if replacement or repair is the better option.

Advantages Of Installing A New Furnace

Even if your furnace isn’t showing signs of decline, opting for replacement could offer benefits. Here a few reasons you may want to replace your furnace if it’s more than a decade old, even if it still works:

  • Improved energy efficiency: New furnaces are far more energy-efficient than older models — a new furnace can reduce your heating costs by upwards of 20%!
  • Lower maintenance costs: As furnaces tend to break down more often as they age, replacing your furnace can be more cost-effective in the long run. This also applies if your unit requires a major, expensive repair.
  • More features: Modern heating systems come with features that didn’t even exist a decade ago, such as Wi-Fi capability, zoning systems, and variable blower speeds.

It also may be worth switching fuel types if you're looking to lower your monthly utility bills. Electric and oil furnaces both cost more to run than natural gas.

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