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Start the Year Off Right With a New Heating System

New Year, New Furnace!

At the beginning of a new year, most people begin to focus on the various aspects of health. Whether that is physical health or financial health, there are many ways to achieve both. A growing strategy for ensuring financial health is to upgrade the heater in a home. Here is some information from local heating installation specialists to help homeowners assess their heating upgrade needs. 

How to Tell When Heating Replacement Is Necessary

A heater should be a source of comfort and give a home a sense of coziness. When a heater fails to provide this, homeowners need answers immediately. While repairs may be necessary, a homeowner will have to decide when to replace a heater over time. 

Some of the reasons to look into furnace replacement are:

  • Repair bills are adding up
  • Skyrocketing energy bills
  • The current unit is nearing 20 years old
  • Unusual odors or noises
  • Inadequate heating power
  • Outdated technology


Selecting the Right Heater for the Homepros cons

With new strides being constantly made in the heating and cooling industry, it can be too much to try and keep up. After all, homeowners will only need to replace their HVAC system every 20 years or so. This means that every time a homeowner needs to choose heating systems, the game has changed. 

Luckily, industry professionals are ready to help. A few options that homeowners have when selecting their new heating system are: 

  • Upgraded System: Direct replacements exist for nearly every heating system. This means that it often makes the most sense to replace the current system, especially when considering the fuel source, whether gas or electric. Even if energy prices are high for a particular utility, homeowners should expect operating costs to go down due to more efficient technology. 
  • Heat Pumps: One of the newer developments in heating technology is the heat pump. Heat pumps are a great option for homes looking to ditch fossil fuels. Heat pumps are often directly replaceable with current equipment and can save money with reduced energy usage. 
  • High-Efficiency: Even if a homeowner decides to stick with a system similar to their current unit, high-efficiency models likely exist. Now, gas furnaces and electric heaters come in energy-saving, high-efficiency models that can directly replace current equipment. 

letters Scheduling Heater Maintenance on the New Heater

New equipment deserves to be maintained to the highest levels of service. All new equipment comes with attractive manufacturer’s warranties that protect the buyer from problems for the first few years. Along with these warranties come the stipulation that professionals must maintain the new system. 

Systems that a licensed furnace maintenance contractor doesn’t professionally maintain can suffer the consequences. Furnaces and heaters are complex and need attention to perform safely and efficiently over the years. When heater maintenance is neglected, the result is increased cost to the homeowner in the form of high energy bills, numerous repairs, and lessened system longevity. Instead of taking the chance, homeowners should schedule biannual maintenance on their heating and cooling systems. 

About AirLux Heating & Cooling

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