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3 Signs You Should Replace Your AC NOW!

Don’t Start Summer With a Busted AC

Summer is coming, and with it comes the heat and blazing sun. Homes with AC are blessed with a cool escape from the summer heat. But after several years of using an air conditioner, homeowners may start to wonder if the AC system is up for the challenge this year. Over time, air conditioners break down or begin exhibiting signs that it’s time for a replacement. Here are three reasons why it’s wise to install a new AC now before summer starts heating things up. 


Save Money and Energy

Older air conditioners are energy and money drainers. Installing a new AC unit can reduce electric and cooling bills by up to 50%. Don’t believe it? The truth is that as air conditioners age, they lose efficiency. Parts wear down, mechanisms get overused, and eventually, the unit will cost more to run than replace. 

When it comes to air conditioning use, the energy bill should stay about the same year after year. If the energy bill starts skyrocketing, it’s a sign that the unit is malfunctioning or working harder to keep up with the demands of the home. The result is an expensive energy bill, sub-par cooling, and increased risk for AC system failure

Save on Repairs

When homeowners hear the words “AC replacement,” a shiver goes down their spine, and dollar signs start to spin behind their eyes. Yes, installing a new air conditioner isn’t exactly cheap, but neither is an aging AC unit. 

Once an air conditioner has reached its 10th birthday, it starts to go downhill. Units older than 15 years are practically guaranteed to need replacing in the next five years. The reason is simple: AC units break down over time. Coils need replacing; filters get clogged, fans break down... the list of parts that require replacing over the years goes on and on. Eventually, frequent repairs begin to cost more than the replacement of the unit. 

Replacing an air conditioning unit after its reached 15 years of use ensures that the next ten summers will have a far fewer need for AC repairs and reduces the risk of surprise AC failure.

AC Replacement Tip: Get The Right Size Unit!ac

Once it’s decided that an AC unit needs replacing, homeowners need to make sure they buy the best unit for their home. Buyers need to look for more than just EnergyStar ratings and user reviews, though. Purchasing an AC unit requires knowing the size of the model a home needs for efficient cooling. 

When selecting an AC unit, remember to take the home’s square footage into account. An air conditioner’s power is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), and 20 BTUs are needed for each square foot of living space in a home, including the basement. Be careful not to purchase too big of an AC unit, too. 

Contact a local HVAC expert for assistance finding the best AC unit for the home. They can handle the shopping and installation quickly and efficiently, leaving homeowners to enjoy the cool house without worrying about their AC unit.

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