As we pass through the fall months and get ready for winter, more and more people are starting to turn on their furnaces to keep their homes warm. Unfortunately, most of these furnaces have not been regularly maintained which means they are probably operating inefficiently and could be posing serious risks. If you are a homeowner, here are a few reasons it is important that you have your furnace maintained regularly by a professional:

Reduce Your Energy Bill

In cold months, operating your home’s furnace can take up the majority of your energy costs. Furnaces that have not been regularly maintained, cleaned, and serviced will not function as efficiently as they should. All of that inefficiency turns into more power consumption for less heat. What does that mean for you? Higher energy costs over time. Having a professional check out your furnace at least once every year could help reduce your energy bill by as much as 30%.

Keep Everyone in Your Home Safe

The furnace in your home is pretty simple: a fuel source is burned which produces heat; that heat is circulated through your home to keep it warm. If your furnace is not operating efficiently, however, it could lead to serious problems such as gas leaks or carbon monoxide buildup. Breathing in high levels of carbon monoxide can lead to memory loss, headaches, and even be fatal. Keep everyone in your home safe with routine furnace maintenance to check for leaks.

Maintain Your Furnace’s Warranty

Your furnace is an expensive piece of equipment and making sure you meet warranty conditions can keep costs lower if you ever need anything replaced. What you might not know, though, is that many warranties require proof that you did not neglect your furnace. Receipts for regular furnace maintenance from a professional company gives you the evidence you need to keep your warranty maintained.

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