Have you started noticing you sneeze more when the air conditioner is on? Eye or skin irritation when your heater kicks on in the winter? If your homes are like most, you probably have low air quality which could be affecting your health. Left unchecked, low air quality can lead to a wide range of health problems and significant cost increases in your home. Professional air quality maintenance can keep you and your household safe and healthy while reducing your energy bills.

What Is Air Quality Maintenance?

Air quality maintenance is the process of reducing pollutants, contaminants, and other emissions from your HVAC system. A professional HVAC company will check your home’s filters and ventilation system to ensure they are working properly and blowing clean air. This process includes repairing any damage, replacing filters, and cleaning the system to improve your home’s overall air quality.

Why Is It Important?

Over time, dust and other contaminants start to collect in your HVAC system. While filters are designed to trap most dirt and dust particles so they aren’t spread through your house, filters get clogged and start to work inefficiently. Dust and other debris can start to collect in vents, ducts, and other areas that the filter can’t help with. This dust starts to recirculate in the home which can lead to increased allergies, asthma, and other health problems related to low air quality levels.

A clean HVAC system also runs much more efficiently. As dust builds up in your air conditioner or furnace, it takes more power to run. This ultimately increases your energy bill by as much as 30% throughout the year. You could save hundreds of dollars every year by simply having routine maintenance performed on your HVAC system.

Why You Need to Use A Professional

Air quality maintenance is more than just replacing a filter every once in a while. Over time, your HVAC system is going to collect dust in places that are out of reach for the filter—such as in the ductwork itself or on the vent covers. A professional service knows where to check for potential air quality issues and has the tools and experience to get your unit clean as quickly as possible. This keeps your home clean, your family safe, and reduces your energy costs.

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