We as a whole realize that plenty of devices will begin to create issues in the event that they haven’t been utilized in some time—from a vehicle to a lawnmower sitting in a carport. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about AC units? Does anything terrible occur if your air system isn’t utilized for 3-4 months or more? 

It turns out, the appropriate response is for the most part uplifting news with a couple of safety measures you have to take. 

Most AC Units Are Fine for 3-4 Months 

All in all, the present climate control systems are made to last. Many are intended to run for quite a long time and are relied upon to run every day. For whatever length of time that your air system is in acceptable working condition by and large—and gets the upkeep it needs—it’s probably not going to endure any issues if it’s off for only a couple of months. 

Indeed, this is a normal working expectation for climate control systems—basically, nobody needs AC all year. Indeed, even in Nevada and Arizona, they have around a quarter of a year where they don’t need to bother with it, and numerous regions have a much longer winter season. 

Be that as it may, there are a couple of points you should know about turning your AC off for the unneeded seasons—or in case you’re going to use it for the first time. 

Safeguards to Take Before and After Your AC Sits Unused 

One of the main issues that influences unused AC units is a development of residue in the system, or collection of dirt and debris on the exterior. 

In case you’re about turn it on after it’s been unused for a couple of months, this is what to do first: 

Walk outside and look at the blower unit (the large outside unit). Is there any development of dirt around it? Any weeds developing? Or some other sign that something could be blocking it? Expel the debris before continuing. (Try not to open up the unit.) 

Are you keeping up-to-date with your AC maintenance? AC systems ought to get an upkeep call in any event once every year, two times per year in outrageous conditions like Nevada/Arizona. In the event that you didn’t do maintenance last season, complete it before you fire it up. We can help. 269-684-5196

Run the AC in fan mode first. Just turn on the fan mode on your thermostat and let it blow for about 10 minutes. This will help get any residue out of the framework before you turn it on Cool. 

Toward the end of the period, in case you’re going to turn it off for a couple of months, you ought to take a few precautions: 

  • Run it on fan just for an hour to get out the system
  • This is a ideal time to make up for lost time with maintenance

Under typical conditions, this is all you have to do and the AC can sit unused. Yet, that may not be valid on the off chance that it needs fixing. 

On the off chance that Your AC Had a Problem Before You Turned It Off, It May Be Worse After 3-4 Months 

Climate control systems don’t perform any better after sitting unused than they did previously—and if there’s a significant issue, it might have gotten worse. For instance: 

  • In the event that there was a refrigerant leak previously, it might have gone from “low” to “empty” following 3 months 
  • Performance problems identified with an uncleaned/unmaintained AC unit will get significantly worse with time 
  • If the AC was turning on, but having issues performing in any way, shape or form (blows warm air, turns off again and again, and so on.), that issue is probably going to be more extreme at this point 

In case you’re encountering any of these issues, your smartest choice is to get appropriate AC servicing in the slow time of year before turning it on for the late spring. You would prefer not to encounter an abrupt failure of your AC unit—which is both inconvenient, and more costly than the underlying fix. 

We Fix AC Units and Do It Right

Air Lux offers extensive AC upkeep and fix. We’re accessible day in and day out, we show up when we state we will, and we give estimates for each job. Let us assist you with getting your AC ready for the following season. Call us at 269-684-5196 to talk with an AC expert today.