There’s absolutely nothing more stunning to me than Michigan in the fall– apart from my spouse, of course. I like this time of year. The summer heat has finally broken and we’re able to enjoy the outdoors again without sweating buckets. My preferred thing each fall season is to take long walks down the tree-lined streets and see the leaves change color. I could stroll for hours, but I’m careful not to lose my head in the trees for too long because there’s great deals of work to do– particularly when it concerns my neighbors’ furnaces. While I want this season to last permanently, fall will eventually turn to winter, Michigan will get cold, and we’ll all need to turn on our heating systems. Undoubtedly, I always get a crazy amount of calls for gas furnace repairs around this time, normally from people who haven’t performed heater maintenance. People are typically surprised when I tell them how often a furnace heating system must be serviced. As a rule of thumb, I always recommend furnace maintenance in the fall to make certain it’s running as safely and efficiently as possible– and to avoid a number of the typical issues that can arise with gas furnaces. After all, all of us start searching for methods to remain nice and warm when the cold winter months show up here in Michigan and turning on a heating system you can trust is top on a lot of property owners’ lists.

Common Issues When a Gas Furnace Isn’t Serviced 

Many, if not most, of the issues I see when I get called out to houses for gas heating system repair work could have been avoided with a regular annual repair service. In fact, HVAC specialists (myself amongst them) state that a tremendous 75% of calls are a direct outcome of disregarding furnace upkeep. And you can bet that in almost all of these cases, paying for preventative upkeep would have been a lot less expensive than paying for significant repair work.

The problem is, a great deal of individuals believe that due to the fact that they only utilize their gas heater for a small part of the year here in Michigan, it doesn’t need to be serviced extremely often. But, just like an old convertible that stays in the garage all winter long, a furnace needs to be tuned up before you start it up after months of no use.

A gas heater must be serviced at least once a year, preferably, however, in both the spring and the fall. I do not stop there. After examining all of the crucial parts, I do a 30-point tune-up, which is generally a total check of the entire system. As soon as this is complete, your furnace will be getting ready to go all winter long.

The Advantages of Yearly Furnace Maintenance

So, experts suggest having your gas heater serviced and maintenanced a minimum of once a year, if not every spring and fall. Obviously, having your heater serviced every year has more benefits than just avoiding a no heat scenario in the cold weather. There are numerous other crucial reasons to get a routine furnace system maintenance, such as:

Preventative upkeep against pricey (and preventable) expenses: Whenever I do upkeep, I usually discover a couple of little issues that aren’t triggering any immediate problems, however that could lead to bigger problems with time. By being proactive about these issues and having them fixed throughout a regular upkeep, you’ll prevent the development of major problems and save yourself huge bucks in the long run. Extensive repair work during busy cold weather is expensive. Little fixes in the fall aren’t.

Increased energy effectiveness and lowered power bills: Let’s face it, we utilize a lot of heat throughout our Michigan winter seasons and the energy expenses can get pretty pricey. During upkeep, your service pro will ensure your heating system is running at peak performance so that it isn’t draining your wallet all winter.

Extend the life of your gas furnace— and whole HVAC system: A healthy heating system without leaks, fractures, and obstructions can run with ease for several years without significant issues, so keeping it up-to-date can save you from prematurely forking over the money for a new heater or an entire HVAC system.
If you’re now feeling influenced to tune up your heater this fall prior to the cold sets in, I highly suggest turning the task over to an expert. While you may be tempted to service it yourself, changing your own filter is as far as you should go on your own. Furnaces have the possibility to be dangerous to deal with if you don’t know what you’re doing, so it’s best to let the pros deal with the servicing for you. And, while they do, you can head out and enjoy a nice fall walk under the colorful Michigan trees. At AirLux Heating & Cooling, our company believes in the whole house technique for safety and effectiveness. Our trained HVAC specialists would be more than happy to give your heating system a little TLC, contact us today to arrange your fall heating system maintenance. 269-684-5196