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Whole-Home Humidifiers for the Cold, Dry Season

How Whole-Home Humidifiers Benefit Homeowners in the Winter 

This article will discuss three benefits of a whole-home humidifier. A home humidifier is a device that adds moisture into the air. During the cold, dry season in Niles, MI, the lack of humidity in the air can affect respiration and cause other health problems. 

Using a whole-home humidifier during the winter months can benefit homeowners in several ways. Having enough moisture in the air can even help to protect the home from developing structural problems as wood expands and contracts with moisture levels. Keeping an even humidity level all year round benefits the homeowner’s health, the structural integrity of their home, and more. 

Indoor Air Quality & Respiration respiratory

Depending on the climate, homeowners can benefit from a humidifier or dehumidifier. During the summer, the heat evaporates water into the air, but the air becomes very dry from the cold in the winter. 

Having a healthy amount of moisture in the air ensures proper respiration. When the air is too dry, it can irritate the lining of the respiratory system. 

One of the common side effects of not having enough humidity inside the home during the winter is nosebleeds. Breathing in the dry air all day can cause the sensitive skin inside the nasal passages to crack and bleed.

skincareBenefits of Humidifiers for Skin Care

Adequate moisturizing of the skin has anti-aging benefits. In cold weather, the dryness of the air can begin to dry out the skin as well. This leads to dead skin flaking off and an increased risk of acne as the skin overproduces oils to make up for the lack of moisture. 

In addition to applying topical moisturizer and drinking enough water, using a whole-home humidifier also benefits skincare. When the humidity of the home is at a healthy level, skin will absorb moisture more easily, which helps make beauty products more effective. 

Keep Indoor Plants Healthy 

Houseplants need water and sunlight to thrive. Plants do not only absorb moisture through their roots, but they also absorb moisture through their leaves and stems. When the humidity in the home is too low, it can cause the leaves on indoor plants to become brittle, brown, and dried out. 

Plants need hydration to produce “food” for them to grow. When the air around the plants is too dry, it can suck their hydration. 

For luscious indoor plants all year round, homeowners should consider adding a whole-home humidifier. These devices benefit the health of those who live in the house, keep house plants hydrated, and have benefits for the house's structural integrity. 

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