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Three Heating Tips From HVAC Experts On How to Get Cozy This Valentine's Day

Getting the House Ready for Date Night

Make sure that the home is warm and cozy for a romantic night-in by optimizing home heating. Eliminating any drafts, installing energy-efficient windows, and hiring an experienced heating company to do heater service will help to keep the home warm on cold nights. 

Eliminate Drafts 

The first step to staying in this Valentine's Day is to ensure no cold drafts in the house. Currents of cold air from the outdoors can make the indoor climate chilly, but drafts are pretty easy to fix. Most breezes come from the cracks along the side of doors and windows. 

Weatherstripping is a technique of sealing the cracks in the windows to prevent cold air from leaking in. Homeowners may need to replace or add new weatherstripping to fix the draft. There are also window draft stoppers that one can purchase at home goods stores. Wrapping the windows in plastic film can also help prevent cold drafts. 

One can fix a drafty door frame with weather stripping as well. One can purchase door sweeps at a local home goods store to close up door frame leaks. Adding curtains to the door is also an excellent way to add extra insulation after the sealed cracks. 

Install ENERGY STAR Certified Windows window

Some windows are better than others at insulating a home from the cold. ENERGY STAR certification means that the product has been tested and certified as energy-efficient. ENERGY STAR certified windows help regulate the temperature inside the home in both the winter and summer. The significant part about these windows is that they look exactly like other windows. 

In addition to keeping the home's temperature exactly how the homeowner likes it, ENERGY STAR products also save money on the home's utility bills by using less energy. More energy-efficient heating also means that these windows may help to reduce the home's carbon footprint. 

woman Only Hire Reputable HVAC Contractors 

When hiring a reputable contractor, homeowners should always check the heating company's credentials. Before hiring a heater repairer, homeowners should ensure that they are licensed and insured for performing work. An improper installation or maintenance job can wreck the heating system's efficiency. A qualified heating contractor will give the homeowner honest suggestions on adequately caring for the heating system.  

DIY heating and cooling repairs can be very dangerous. Heating systems contain high temperatures that could cause a burn or accidental fire. There is also the risk of damaging the heating system and voiding the system warranty. Rather than risking it, homeowners should call a trusted local HVAC contractor when it's time for HVAC maintenance, repairs, or installation. 

About AirLux Heating & Cooling 

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