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The Importance of Scheduling AC Maintenance in the Spring

Get the Air Conditioner Ready for the Heat of Summer 

The air conditioner is one of the most appreciated modern advances in every home. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to take care of one so that they continue to get excellent performance year after year. A system as complicated as an air conditioner takes some good practices to ensure it operates well. 

Yearly maintenance is crucial to getting the best possible operation out of the air conditioner. It just so happens that springtime is the best time to schedule maintenance. Here are some reasons why spring AC maintenance is best from professionals who know exactly what it takes to keep an air conditioner running. 

Easier Availability for Air Conditioner Service

maintenanceThe first reason to add air conditioner maintenance to the spring cleaning checklist is the availability of companies that will be performing the maintenance. During the spring, temperatures are mild. Most people have turned off their furnaces and haven't yet fired up the air conditioner. AC technicians use this lull to perform air conditioner tune-ups. 

One of the biggest problems with scheduling AC service is that most people work during the day. It can be a hassle to try and coordinate with a company so they can send someone out at the homeowner's convenience. By scheduling air conditioner maintenance in the spring, while AC technicians are more flexible, there is a better chance that the homeowner and the technician will be on the same page when it comes to scheduling. 

Give the AC a Pre-Season Pep Talk in the Form of an AC Tune-Up

acDuring the summer, technicians are busy responding to problems with air conditioners. The hard work that the AC does during the summer can cause them to fail and need emergency services. Scheduling AC maintenance is not only easier in the spring; it gives the technician time to fix budding problems before they become serious. 

It's no coincidence that most of the reasons AC contractors are busy during the summer are because many customers opt not to schedule AC maintenance in the spring. When air conditioner maintenance is performed every year, there is a noticeable increase in reliability. It also can save homeowners money because they won't be needlessly paying for emergency visits for AC repair. 

Increase the Longevity of Cooling Equipment 

If there is one major selling point for AC maintenance, cost savings would be. Many homeowners don't bother scheduling maintenance in the spring because they believe the visit is not cost-efficient. However, the exact opposite is true. Think of AC maintenance as an investment in the reliability of air conditioners. While a springtime visit from an AC technician will cost a little extra, the investment will pay dividends from the prevention of costly repairs necessary during the summer

In addition to saving money through better reliability, homeowners also can appreciate that AC maintenance protects and increases the longevity of AC equipment. When air conditioners are well-cared for, they can last many years longer than neglected equipment. When all of these benefits are taken into consideration, scheduling seasonal maintenance can save thousands of dollars over the life of AC equipment. 

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