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Take Advantage of Whole-Home Humidifiers to Combat Dry Air

Benefits of Humidifiers in the Winter 

Winter brings cold and wild weather that sends everyone inside to stay warm. With everyone stuck inside, winter also brings a host of indoor air quality problems that can constantly subject people in the home to low-quality air that is uncomfortable and harmful to health. 

One of the aspects of air quality that is often ignored during the winter is humidity. Cold air is dry air, which means that all the air in the home is subject to the dryness that comes with harsh temperatures. The dryness of the air can bring problems like dry skin and respiratory problems, so what is a homeowner to do? 

Humidifiers are the answer to the dry air of winter. Humidifiers can be portable units used in individual rooms to whole-home humidifiers that amend the air for the whole home. Here is a quick guide to help homeowners understand the importance of high-quality indoor air, especially where humidity is concerned. 

Healthy Lungs 

homeThe perfect indoor humidity level is between 40-60%. Between this range, human lungs don’t have to work as hard to keep the lining of the lungs moist. Keeping the lung lining moist allows the body to keep immune cells ready to defend against biological threats and pollen. 

As people in the home constantly breathe dry air, the moisture in the lungs is pulled out. This will quickly lead to problems like: 

  • Worsening asthma
  • Allergies
  • Chronic sinus infections
  • Dry cough
  • Sneezing 
  • Susceptibility to infections and viruses like COVID

By installing a whole-home humidifier, homeowners can keep humidity levels perfect, allowing the body’s immune system to function at peak performance. 

Healthy Skin 

Just like the lungs, the skin has a certain humidity range that it likes. Coincidentally, it is very similar to what the lungs need to thrive. When humidity levels drop in the winter, this results in dry, cracking skin that is itchy and dull. Compromised skin is one of the leading causes of illness and infection, so it is easy to see how skin health is crucial for overall health. 

Restoring humidity to the skin is as simple as changing the environment it is constantly exposed to. By using a humidifier or installing an automatically-controlled whole-home humidifier, homeowners can keep their skin soft and healthy and support good skin and lung health through the harsh winter season. 

Vibrant Indoor Plants 

plantsOutdoors, winter takes a toll on all plant life. Indoor plants can also suffer from the dry air that comes into the home in winter. Moisture is one of the most vital nutrients for a plant to thrive, oxygenating the room and adding to its aesthetic appeal. Dry air saps moisture from the potting soil and root systems, making caring for indoor plants more difficult. 

Whole-home humidifiers help ease the stress on indoor plants during the winter. By adding moisture back to the indoor air, pots dry out slower, and less moisture is pulled from the plants as they grow, keeping plants thriving through the winter. 

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