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Signs That A Home's Air Ducts Need Repair or Replacement

Damaged or Failing Air Ducts Can Cause Significant Problems for An HVAC System

If a central heating and air conditioning unit is the heart of home comfort, then the air ducts are like the arteries that carry the comfort throughout the home. Air ducts are a vital part of the HVAC system, and a problem with them can result in a problem with the whole shebang. This article will discuss signs of ductwork issues and how they can be resolved by a professional. 

Indicators of Air Duct Damage

smellSince air ducts are typically hidden in an attic or crawl space, it is difficult for the typical homeowner to examine them for damage, but that doesn’t mean there are no signs. Ductwork may be mostly invisible, but it will let a person know when something is wrong. Below are listed a few ways that one can know that their ducts may need the attention of an HVAC professional.

  • Inconsistent Temperatures: If some rooms are colder and some rooms are warmer throughout the home, then the ducts leading to certain areas may be blocked or torn in some way. 
  • Poor Airflow: If the airflow seems to be less in certain parts of the house, then there is a problem with the ducts.
  •  Unusual Noises: Hissing or whistling through the vents or from behind the walls where ductwork is located is a clear sign of a damaged air duct. Scrabbling or scratching noises may indicate the presence of pests in the ducts as well.
  • Foul Odors: Bad smells from the ducts most likely indicate one of two things: pests or mold/mildew. These can be destructive to more than just the HVAC system, so they should be dealt with immediately.
  • High Energy Bills: Heating and cooling bills may be higher if there is a problem with the ductwork, because the system has to work harder to maintain the same temperature, thus losing efficiency.

Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Wait On Air Duct Repair

benefitsPeople tend to live with a problem and adjust to it rather than fix it. This can cause problems not only for the homeowners but for guests. This busy time of year when many people are hosting gatherings is not the time to wait on getting work done. Here are a few reasons a homeowner should call the pros right away if there seems to be a problem:

  • Improved home airflow
  • Better for respiratory health
  • Prevents further damage
  • Keeps energy bills low
  • Increased efficiency
  • Running more quietly

Methods for Air Duct Replacement and Repair

Sometimes air ducts repair can be as simple as using caulk or duct tape to repair a small leak. Large tears or the presence of mold and mildew will mean a full replacement of certain parts of the ductwork. Sometimes air ducts may need a professional cleaning. Either way, calling the professionals for a consultation is the best choice. They can assist in determining the best course of action.

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