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Like Scary Movies? Don't Let A Broken Heater Freeze Out Movie Night

3 Signs a Home’s Heater Needs Repair

While ghosts, goblins, and superheroes may be roaming the streets on Halloween, every homeowner wants to be safe and cozy in their own space when the evening’s festivities are over. Perhaps settling in and watching a movie is more to a person’s taste. They should be able to enjoy the movie without getting cold or dealing with loud noises that disrupt the mood of the film. This article will discuss why these might happen and how it usually means a heater is reaching the end of its life. 

Cold Spots Throughout the House

Just because a house is cold or has cold areas does not mean that the heater is not working properly. Heat loss can be an issue with insulation or windows or a closed vent. If the whole house is not heating up and cool air is blowing through the vents, then it could be one of three problems:

If there has been a recent power surge, then one may have switched off the heater’s breaker. Thus, the heating element of the unit is not connected to electricity. A homeowner should check their breaker box to be sure nothing is amiss there before calling their HVAC company. They should also verify that their thermostat has not been turned down very low, which is an easy problem to fix. Finally, if these two areas of the home seem to be in order, then it is time to contact qualified professionals for diagnosis.

Hiss, Bang, Rattle, Clang: Unusual Sounds

soundsAnother sign that a heater is on its way out is frequent noises coming from the heater or furnace. While most units have some sort of humming sound that accompanies cycling on and running, these would be considered unusual sounds like whining, hissing, banging, and rattling. The sound may even be distinct enough that a technician may know exactly what is going on from the noise alone.
  • Hissing: This can be caused by several different things, including a leak in the coolant tubes or in the gas line. A persistent hiss should be evaluated immediately.
  • Banging: Banging can be the result of a tiny gas explosion in a furnace when an igniter is not working properly and takes too long to spark.
  • Rattling: This can be a problem with ball bearings or something wrong with the blower.
  • Whining: This is usually an issue with a loose or malfunctioning belt. 

Sudden Spike in Home Energy Costs

saveOften everything seems to be going just fine with a heater until the energy bill comes in. That’s when the homeowners see a huge increase in usage that cannot be explained by a chilly night or two. If the energy bill has gone up considerably, there is a good chance that something is wrong with the heater because it has to work very hard to keep temperatures at the same level they were previously. When an HVAC professional fixes the heater, the bills should return to a much more reasonable number.

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