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How to Host the Perfect Halloween Horror Movie Marathon

Hosting a Movie Marathon in a Home Theater

Halloween makes a great occasion for homeowners to practice hosting the perfect party and movie marathons make a great activity to help entertain guests. Hosting a party can be a lot of planning and pressure. But, with advice from people who know how to host a great party, every party can be a success. Here are a few tips from a local heater service to help Halloween parties go off without a hitch. 

Picking a Moviemovie

When deciding to host a movie night during the Halloween season, picking the perfect movie is important. Of course, the movie that is picked has to be a spooky movie, but first, party hosts should consider the party's target audience. Will there be friends with children or a group of age-appropriate adults? One should select movies to fit who will be at the party. 

Good movie selections for all ages are:

  • Casper
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Ernest Scared Stupid

Popular choices for older audiences could be: 


Make Everyone Comfortable

Watching a movie somewhere other than at home can be an uncomfortable experience for guests. So, homeowners should make every effort to ensure a comfortable environment for people to settle into. Ensure there is adequate seating to accommodate everyone who is coming and supply pillows and blankets so everyone can make themselves comfortable. 

No party is complete without a festive spread, so make sure to spend some time providing food choices for guests. Consider if guests will want a meal or if finger foods will suffice. Hearty options like small sandwiches and dips are great for hungrier guests, but be sure to include lighter fare like holiday desserts. 

Make Sure the Furnace Is Ready to Handle the Partyfurnace

One of the key components of having a welcoming home during the holidays is making sure that the temperature is stable. Fall can get pretty chilly, and by the time temperatures drop, homeowners should be sure that the furnace is ready to handle the winter that is coming. Scheduling a furnace inspection around this time of year is a great way to ensure any home will be ready to host a Halloween movie party. 

During a furnace inspection, a furnace service professional will have the opportunity to perform maintenance on the unit. Getting this done before the heating season can ensure that no breakdowns occur during the winter. Furnace inspections include things like:

  • Verifying safety devices on the furnace to eliminate the chance of gas leaks or fires
  • Checking and lubricating motors and blower fans so they don't grind
  • Inspecting ductwork for leaks that cause inefficiencies 
  • Making sure the burner and pilot light are working safely and efficiently 

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