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Give the Water Heater a Gift That Keeps on Giving This Winter

Let the Water Heater Celebrate the Holidays With Insulation!

The holidays are right around the corner, and with it comes cold weather. Water heaters are an essential appliance in the home, especially during the winter. They provide ample hot water for hot showers and clean dishes after a holiday feast. The trouble is, the winter can be extra hard on the water heater, so isn’t it time to give the water heater a gift as a show of appreciation for all it does?

Besides maintenance, water heater insulation is the only thing on a water heater’s Christmas list this year. Here is some information about water heater insulation and why it’s so important.

Why is Water Heater Insulation Necessary?insulate the water heater

Winter is hard on water heaters because of the cold weather. This affects the water heater in two ways. First, the ambient temperature around a water heater will likely drop since most water heaters are located in a garage or drafty basement. This means that water heaters lose more heat during standby, so they have to cycle on more often to maintain heat.

The second reason cold weather is hard on water heaters is due to the temperature of incoming water. Incoming water temperatures can drop to as low as 40 degrees in the winter instead of the average of 70 degrees during the summer. This means that water heaters have to burn hotter and longer to overcome the deficit and provide a stable water temperature.

This is important because an overworked water heater costs more money to run. Not only will it cause utility bills to skyrocket in the winter, but it will also cause increased wear and tear, making mechanical problems more likely. Water heater insulation helps the hot water tank better retain heat, reducing energy usage and saving homeowners money.

Signs That a Water Heater Needs Insulation

Some newer water heaters don’t require additional insulation, but most water heaters will benefit from insulation. Some signs a water heater could use extra insulation are:

  • It has an R-value of less than 24 (the higher the R-value, the better)
  • The tank is warm to the touch, meaning it’s constantly shedding heat
  • Hot water seems to be in short supply over the winter
  • Utility bills are climbing

Water heater insulation is cheap compared to the cost of higher utility bills and water heater repairs that occur when an uninsulated water heater has to work harder in the winter.

Types of Insulation for the Water Heater

insulation blanket When it comes to insulating water heaters, there are several different methods and materials that can be used. One common insulation material is fiberglass insulation. This type of insulation is made from spun glass fibers and is available in a variety of thicknesses. It works well for preventing heat loss by trapping air and creating an air barrier.

Another insulation material is foam. This type of insulation is designed to fit around a water heater tank, fitting snugly and sealing out heat loss. It comes in several sizes and thicknesses and is usually simple to install.

Reflective insulation is also an option for water heaters. This type of insulation consists of a metalized film or foil that reflects heat away from the tank, preventing it from escaping. Reflective insulation can be applied directly to the tank surface with adhesive strips, and it is often used in conjunction with other insulation materials to increase its effectiveness.

Installing a water heater blanket can further improve the efficiency of the insulation by trapping even more heat inside the tank, saving on energy costs and extending the lifespan of the water heater. Insulation blankets can be made from various materials, including fiberglass, foil, and even denim. No matter which type of insulation material a homeowner chooses, it’s important to ensure that it’s installed properly and securely to maximize its efficiency.

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