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Celebrate National AC Day on July 17th!

3 Ways To Give ACs Some TLC This Summer

Most people are unaware that there is a National AC Day. Don’t worry. It isn’t an easy day to remember from now on. It’s no coincidence that it happens to fall on July 17th. Usually, by July 17th, summer temperatures have peaked, and people resign themselves to dealing with high temperatures and humidity for the next couple of months. 

National AC Day is a great reminder for homeowners to take care of their AC units. While most HVAC technicians recommend seasonal maintenance before the heating and cooling seasons, July 17th isn’t too late to give the AC the attention it needs. This National AC Day, celebrate by ensuring the AC is ready to handle the load for the rest of the cooling season with some maintenance tips from these local HVAC maintenance professionals. 

Always Keep the Filters Cleanfilter

Clean filters are the most important aspect of making sure an AC stays running efficiently for years. A clean AC filter not only improves the health of a home’s occupants by reducing dust and pollen in the air, but it also prevents dirt and grime from building up inside of an AC and robbing it of efficiency

Changing AC filters can be done by the owner. Usually, every three months is sufficient for most homes. Professional filter changes can be done twice per year during scheduled AC maintenance, but changing more frequently than every six months is recommended. For homes where dust and allergies are a problem, filters may need to be changed as often as monthly to keep the air clean. 

Finding the right schedule that suits the homeowner will make sure the air stays clean and the AC unit continues working as it should for years to come

Adjust the Temperature To Take a Load Off the Unit

An age-old argument in the HVAC industry is whether or not it is better to raise the thermostat during the day when no one is home and lower it at night, or not. The simple answer is yes. Raising the thermostat during the heat of the day prevents unnecessary energy usage from cooling the home when no one is around. Additionally, cooling the home at night makes for a better sleeping environment and utilizes cheaper energy prices to cool the home. 

When the temperature is adjusted up during the day, the AC won’t work as hard to maintain the temperature. This reduces the load placed on the machinery and ultimately allows the unit to last longer. Along with the energy savings, it’s easy to see how much money can be saved on utilities and repairs by implementing this simple habit. 


Schedule Tune-Ups and Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance is a great service to sign up with through a local HVAC contractor. Seasonal maintenance allows professionals to perform tasks and inspections to ensure that AC equipment runs reliably for a longer period. 

If seasonal maintenance gets forgotten about for a few years, it’s usually no big deal. There is no better time than now to schedule an AC tune-up to get AC equipment back in good working order, especially during the month of National AC Day!

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