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3 Reasons To Be Thankful for HVAC Technicians This November

Give Thanks To the Heating and Cooling Technicians – And the Services They Provide!

Thanksgiving is a time for spending time with family, eating lots of delicious food, and reflecting on everything to be grateful for. While that list differs for everyone, one thing everyone can be grateful for - although it often gets taken for granted - is the HVAC system. After all, it keeps the autumn chill away on Thanksgiving Day so the family can comfortably enjoy the festivities.

But as praise-worthy as the HVAC system is, it would be nothing without the hard-working men and women who keep it running and repair it when something goes wrong. This article will explain the vital role of HVAC technicians in maintaining a healthy and comfortable home all year!

Keeping Homes Warm and Cozy All Winter

heater service

A working heater is an absolute necessity as fall gives way to winter. After all, there's nothing better than coming in from the cold to a nice, toasty house. But more importantly, going without heat for even one day can be extremely dangerous in Michigan's harsh winter months. So having access to a reliable HVAC contractor is vital for the comfort and safety of everyone in the home.

Technicians perform various heating services to ensure that homeowners never have to be without heat (or at least not for very long). They perform heater maintenance in autumn, which helps the heater work more efficiently and reduces the likelihood of problems or breakdowns. And if the heater goes on the fritz in the middle of a frigid night, the best heating techs can show up within hours to perform heater repair and quickly get the system up and running again.

Keeping Homes Cool and Dry All Summer

air conditioner service

Michigan summers may not be as extreme as the winters, but they're nothing to scoff at. While the heat is enough to cause plenty of discomfort and pose a health risk, the humidity is even worse. An air conditioner doesn't just cool the air inside the home; it also helps reduce indoor humidity. But if the humidity goes unchecked, it can lead to mold growth, property damage, and negative health consequences.

This is why it's so crucial for professionals to perform air conditioner services like spring maintenance to ensure the AC is ready to handle the hot, muggy summer days. And if the system breaks down or isn't working properly, they can swoop in and perform AC repair so homeowners won't sweat it out. Technicians can also ensure that the AC is performing at peak efficiency to lower energy costs and install dehumidifiers to keep moisture levels down.

Keeping Indoor Air Quality High All Year Round

Routine heating and air conditioning services like cleaning and maintenance do more than just keep the home comfy – they also help maintain high indoor air quality. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the measure of pollutants in the home's air; the higher the concentration of pollutants, the lower the indoor air quality is (and vice versa).

Changing the air filters regularly and keeping the AC or heater running smoothly goes a long way in improving indoor air quality. However, technicians offer other indoor air quality services to optimize IAQ, such as duct cleaning, air sanitizer/purifier installation, humidifier/dehumidifier installation, gas leak detection, carbon monoxide detector installation, and routine air quality inspections. 

Considering how HVAC professionals can profoundly impact the health, comfort, and well-being of everyone in the household, it's worth taking a moment to be thankful for their contribution this Thanksgiving!

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