What might occur on the off chance that you didn’t change your AC filter? It’s difficult to accept that such a small part could have a major effect on air quality, however, it does. Consider cleaning the air like cleaning the rest of your property. It would get pretty awful on the off chance that you ignored it for a month. 

Consider all the dirt and debris you’d see on the floors, on counters and surfaces, and in bathrooms. That is proportionate to what gathers in your filter in a given month. What are the results of this?

Why Don’t You Replace Your AC Filter? 

Filters are low on the list of priorities because of a misunderstanding of what filters really do. It’s not meant to clean the air you inhale. Sure, it does catch some debris that gets sucked into the ducts but most filters aren’t fine enough to trap dander, pollen, and different allergens. 

AC filter’s work to shield the AC unit itself from harmful particles in the air all around. When you change your AC filter, you make it a lot easier for the AC to keep you comfortable. 269-684-5196

Development on Ductwork/Blower Fans 

Filters aren’t designed to screen the air for an eternity. Soon enough, they are filled with caught dirt and dust. Contingent upon your system, you should either change your AC filter or clean it. Paper filters are built with a cardboard frame and a paper screen, making them disposable. Stronger filters are created with metal frames and can be cleaned by manufacturer instructions. 

On the off chance that you don’t change your AC filter, it will start to fail. It will not, at this point have the option to filter the air appropriately, letting dust and contaminants get into the AC. Dust stops up the moving parts of an AC, such as valves and fan motors. The HVAC system will use more energy to compensate for this, making the system less efficient. 

Your energy bill will skyrocket fast. That is the reason you can save about 15% every month on utilities when you change the AC filter every month during the top cooling seasons. 

Mold/Moisture Pollution 

The following effects to worry about are the different contaminants that enter a grimy system. The main kind of filters that trap allergens and spores are called HEPA (high energy particulate air) filters. These are made of a lot finer screen than different filters so it can screen out small particles such as dust, allergens, dander, and mold. They are classified by MERV ratings 1 through 12. A perfect filter would be a MERV 10 or higher. A better rating means the better it is at filtering tiny particles. HEPA filters provide better interior air quality

If you own a HEPA filter and neglect changing it, you currently risk these contaminants entering your system and your property. Dust and dirt are irritating enough, but if moisture is permitted to collect in the ducts, it can prompt serious mold infestations. 269-684-5196


After some time, the issue will progress if you keep overlooking it. The filter isn’t the main thing that will quit working as it should. Debris in the ducts will degrade the mechanical parts, making them use more energy and run slower. This will destroy the moving parts of your system quicker than typical use. The normal lifespan of an HVAC unit is 15 to 20 years. Without replacing the AC filter, that can be shortened by 5 to 10 years. 

In the end, you would be required to supplant parts of your AC as they stop working and that can get costly. Think about the insignificant cost of filters as an option in contrast to the prominent cost of more in-depth repairs. That isn’t even considering the business you may lose in the event that you need to close for AC replacement or repairs

In the event that you ignored AC filter change for quite a while, there’s a decent possibility you have a ton of dust development inside your AC framework. You might need to consider having your ducts inspected to see if you require duct cleaning. Clean ducts make your system work better and significantly improve interior air quality as well. Call Air Lux today for any AC repair/cleaning needs: 269-684-5196