Every year the forest fires get worse. That is the new reality for the western United States. Does that really affect the air quality in Michigan? Yes, it absolutely does. Fires from the Dakotas on build up fine particulate matter in the high atmosphere. These particles drift hundreds and thousands of miles before settling. A fire in California can cause poor air quality in Philadelphia.

If you are concerned about the air quality in your home during the summer months, you should hire a professional to check out your air circulation system. They can determine what the status is and how well your air is being cleaned just by a simple whole home inspection. However, not all heating and cooling contractors are the same, when you are ready to schedule an inspection use these three tips to pick the best one.

Get a free quote

Don’t invite them over without first talking on the phone about the work you are going to have them do. Over the phone you can ask them about the process, prices, products, and the invasiveness of any necessary maintenance. They should be able to provide you with enough information such that you can tell if they are knowledgeable or just trying to get extra work.

Find out what they recommend

Ask them about your situation. Tell them about the air, your HVAC system if you have one, and any other issues that you may have. A company like AirLux Heating & Cooling will ask you about your vents and the age of your house. Everything matters when discussing the air quality of your home.

Always talk through the process over the phone first

Once you are pleased with the contractor talk to them about scheduling a visit. This will ensure that you fully understand what the timing considerations will be and the work that will be done. Don’t be surprised when they come. Instead ask about all potential issues.

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